Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pick of the Day

Who doesn't love a sock ninja? From uppitywomandesigns.etsy.com.


So I said I was inspired at the Calgary ComicCon and here it is:

Liz (my daughter) likes my blog but says it's a bit amateurish so watch for changes to happen as I learn the ropes. I did warn you that I was new at this!
Did anyone hear that the Flames are out of the playoffs? Nuff said.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pick of the Day

Keeping with the geek theme. I love this little robot.

Click on pick of the day to go to sage12888's shop on Etsy for more info.


Evil Dead The Musical

We went to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at Theatre Calgary today. It was a lot of fun. Next we get to go see Evil Dead the Musical. I got the kids tickets to the splatter zone! They are all going to wear new white t-shirts. We'll see how bloody they are after the show. Should be a good time.

I've been working on some geek-jewelry. Should be up on my Etsy page sometime this week.

In the meantime some other geek-wear:

My Robot Love necklace.



Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pick of the Day

The Big Lebowski is awesome!
From Alt Cross Stitch by Spamberly. Click on pick of the day to see the Etsy shop.

Go easy on me I'm new at this

Welcome to my first post on my blog. I wish my daughter was here to help as she is the expert! We went to the Comic Book Convention today and she is still there. I found new inspiration for some jewelry.

So my main point for starting a blog is to showcase my Etsy shop and also to show some items that have caught my eye and given me inspiration on Etsy. I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear some comments.


The Killer B's

The Killer B's
Butch and Bruiser