Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting my Stuff Out There!

It's been a very busy few weeks for me and I'm very excited about things!

I met a wonderful lady at the Lake Chaparral Stampede Breakfast and craft sale who runs a shop out of Irricana called Mink and Manure. Jennifer was very interested in my jewelry and you can now find my western pinup pendants exclusively at her shop and through the trunk shows she brings to people's homes. Thanks Jennifer! Click on the link above to go to the Mink and Manure website.

I also found some jewelry and handmade friends in Sarah and Cheryl.

Cheryl is the proprietor of White Raven Emporium in Didsbury. She has added a number of my pieces to her wonderful store and she and Sarah gave me some great advice about my work. Thanks for the boost of confidence Cheryl! I think I did most of my Christmas shopping while I was in White Raven, love those birdhouses! Come to Didsbury and check it out, 2019 - 19th Avenue.

One of the things that both Cheryl and Sarah spoke to me about was how to price my jewelry. I knew that I was underpricing my items considering the time, effort and materials that go into every piece but I was afraid of pushing business away. They both made me realize that if someone wants a one of a kind (yes, one of a kind, I don't mass produce anything, I make one and then break the mold!), handmade pendant or charm bracelet then they will appreciate the work and uniqueness of the item and will pay for it. If someone wants a bargain there are many places they can go to purchase mass produced jewelry.

Sarah Moore also has some of her work at White Raven Emporium and her work will be seen at Alberta Fashion Week October 4 - 10.

Go to and look for Datona Designs.

Way to go Sarah and good luck!

I'm still working my Etsy shop but have taken most of my items off the active list and am working on better pricing and new pieces. I am working on some really fun pieces and they should be starting to appear over the next 1 - 3 weeks.


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