Sunday, June 7, 2009

We Have Some Crazy Weather...

Woke up to snow yesterday. Walked the B's today and put on and took off my coat so many times it was funny. I think I got a sunburn and got hit in the head with hail at the same time! Gotta love Calgary.

At least the weather this weekend has kept me inside and I've had a chance to list some Etsy items. I have been working on these for awhile now and seeing Star Trek again made me want to get them out there.

I had some fun with this one. I've had clown issues since I saw the movie Poltergeist. You remember. The clown doll tried to kill the little boy.
Anyhow, Spock Days in Vulcan next week and then I am in a Stampede kick-off craft show in Lake Chaparral so I'm getting ready. Should be lots of

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The Killer B's
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