Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bragging About my Kids

I've been focusing on the family...
My son Chris has had a successful rugby season at school. Not successful for the amount of wins but for the overall effort he made and the teamwork he learned. They finished off the season with two wins and now we are off to the playoffs.

Chris is the big one on the right!

We also celebrated my daughter Liz' 18th birthday on the weekend!

Happy birthday Liz!!!!!!
My Mum came up from Lethbridge to visit and for a late Mother's Day celebration.
We took her to the Shooting Edge for some target practice. She did amazing! Me, not so good and now I'm off to the optometrist to find out why I couldn't focus on the target.
I have a great fear and respect for guns and would never consider owning one but I have to say it is quite the experience firing one. This was my second time at a gun range. The first time was in Las Vegas firing machine guns that are not even allowed in Canada and this past weekend was my first experience with hand guns. I have a feeling though that as far as Mum is concerned I may have created a monster!

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