Monday, May 4, 2009

Working Hard

I've been working on a bunch of new pieces and will be getting them on my Etsy site shortly. For now here is a sneak peek:

I've been using some very pretty porcelain beads, glass beads and some resin pendants that I've found. I have a one more 'geek' item coming up and I'm anxiously waiting for some deliveries of charms and other items that will make for some very interesting pieces.

The new Star Trek movie opens this week and we are so excited to go see it. I made an awesome Star Trek necklace using Minimates toys. I gave it to my Trekker neighbor who is going to show it off and also test out the wearability. If it works out for her I will be making more to show off at Spock Days in Vulcan Alberta which is held the second weekend of June.

One more item for today:

Go Roughnecks Go!


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